e51 hosts Chelsea Clinton in Women & Innovation Dialogue @ HQ Raleigh

Raleigh female entrepreneurs and Chelsea Clinton discuss the importance of Women & Innovation

Our entrepreneurial ecosystem, powered by more than 780 female entrepreneurs and innovators in the Triangle, hosted Chelsea Clinton, Brooks Bell, Dr. Tashni-Ann Dubroy, Katie Wyatt, and Isa Watson for an engaging discussion with a packed house at HQ Raleigh.

More than one hundred women and men gathered before work this morning to engage in a robust conversation about the important issues that women innovators face, including STEM opportunities, deferred student loans for entrepreneurs, and support systems for emerging entrepreneurs.

Dr. Tashni-Ann Dubroy, President of Shaw University said, “Little girls need role models who look like them. You can’t be what you can’t see.”  Her point highlighted the need to bring more visibility to the triangle’s diverse female entrepreneurs and leaders. President Dubroy also called for the need to expand the general conversation to include the needs of talented students at lesser-known HBCUs, such as Shaw University.

Little girls need role models who look like them. You can’t be what you can’t see.
— Dr. Tashni-Ann Dubroy
For us as parents, having our young daughters see these strong smart women from diverse backgrounds in leadership roles shows them they can do anything they want to do.
— Karl Rectanus, Lea(R)n.
What struck me was Chelsea’s authenticity and ability to engage the entire crowd — from the young children with simple questions to the seasoned citizen asking the tough questions we’re all thinking.
— Sophia Hyder, Founder & CEO of Papilia.
The palpable energy and enthusiasm from the panelists and participants truly ignited the crowd. We’re proud to showcase the amazing members in our community. For our female innovators, innovation spans a wide variety of sectors. Ages 17-78, e51 members are as young as high school and as seasoned as Venture Capitalists. Together we are building a vibrant ecosystem and strong talent pipeline.
— Heather McDougall, Co-Founder of e51
Speaking of talented community, Heather presented Chelsea a gift bag filled with goodes from local entrepreneurs:   @RaleighDenim     @viderichocolate     @bobble     @hollyaiken

Speaking of talented community, Heather presented Chelsea a gift bag filled with goodes from local entrepreneurs: @RaleighDenim @viderichocolate @bobble @hollyaiken

The featured panel included:

  • Brooks Bell, moderator (Founder Brooks Bell,  the premier firm focused exclusively on enterprise-level testing, personalization and optimization services. / Co-Founder HQ Raleigh, a co-working space for high-growth, high-impact startups),
  • Chelsea Clinton,
  • Isa Watson (Founder Envested, a social network giving platform created so that you can do your part to transform your community.
  • Dr. Tashni-Ann Dubroy (President Shaw University / Co-Founder Tea & Honey Blends),
  • Katie Wyatt (Founder Kidznotes)


About e51

e51 is building the pipeline of women innovators. Upcoming programming by e51 includes a  1-week Kăt′ l- īz′ er  for university and early stage entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs in partnership with Leadership exCHANGE & HQ Raleigh.  In October, e51 with CapTrust is launching a 6-week afterschool Design Thinking and Mentoring training program for Raleigh female high school students.  Such programming is a springboard for Kăt′ l- īz′ er alumna Becky Holmes, who has been selected for the 2016-17 SoarTriangle mentorship program. www.e51community.com    

Why e51?  e51 stands for an entrepreneurial ecosystem powered by women! The “51” signifies that women are 51% of the population and we want this community movement to spread to all 50 states, plus D.C.!   


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To learn more e51 or the Chelsea Clinton event contact:

Heather McDougall, Ph.D., e51 Co-Founder, 812.219.1660, director@globalleaders.info

Sheryl Waddell, e51 Co-Founder, 610.573.3211, sheryl@unc.edu