Cindy Whitehead

Post-Corporate & The Motivator & The Uber Feminist

Career: Cindy founded, ran, and sold Sprout Pharmaceuticals, which created Addyi, a prescription drug that helps women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. Cindy is in the process of founding a female-mission-oriented venture capital firm, The Pink Ceiling. 

When she's not working: Cindy can be found wearing pink and drinking rose.

What's awesome about Cindy?: Cindy is an uber-feminist who confronts the stigma against womanhood head-on. She is now giving back to mission-oriented ventures that help women. 

How to get involved: Go visit Cindy at The Pink Ceiling when it opens, and read up on Addyi and HSDD. 

Pretty-in-Pink Cindy Whitehead is an Irish Catholic girl taking on the world of sex. It was at Marymount College that Cindy fell in love with business, particularly pharmaceuticals. She landed her dream job at a large pharmaceutical company and surprisingly, found herself most passionate about the science part of it, the power of innovation, and working directly for the patients needs. She loves what the industry does, but not always how it does it, so she decided to leave and start her own pharmaceutical venture.