Photo by  Meghan Arnold

Vanvisa Nolintha

The Raleigh Foodie & The Internationalist

Career: Vanvisa and her brother, Van, started Bida Manda, a successful Laotian restaurant in downtown Raleigh.

When she's not working: Vanvisa can be found hanging out in her cool downtown apartment with her neighbor, her brother Van!

What's awesome about Vanvisa?: Vanvisa moved here when she was young, and she uses her restaurant to share her Laotian culture. Vanvisa is just one of the awesome female restauranteurs of Raleigh. Vanvisa is a great example of how owning a business can really bring women out of their shell!

How to get involved: Go check out Bida Manda and read up on Laotian culture. 

Hey all you Raleigh foodies out there! Vanvisa Nolintha, co-owner of Bida Manda, a homey Laotian enclave in the heart of downtown Raleigh, gave us the low-down of what it’s like to work with her brother in business.

My interview with Vanvisa was her first one without her brother. She comes from traditional Laotian culture, where women stay at home with the kids while the husband works, so her path is untraditional for a woman of her culture.

Photo by  Meghan Arnold

Photo by Meghan Arnold